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Personal Planning System


Product Description

The Authentic You™ Personal Planning system / VIP Day
This one-day, one-on-one or team experience serves as a great way to dive into the Journey to Authenticity 10-Week Workshop Series. The One-Day Planning System can be taken as a precursor to the Journey to Authenticity 10-Week Series or for continued support (annually), or as a VIP day. It’s a lovely way to step back and reconnect with who you are, and what is most important, as you set a course for the next chapter of your life or plan with your team.

We will work together on the why, how and what of your life and leadership as you and/or your team are taken through an exciting process for more clarity.

Topics can include:

  1. Authenticity & emotional intelligence
  2. Recognize and manage the inner critic
  3. Create balance in work / life / play for increased resiliency
  4. Learn how to have difficult conversations
  5. How to say no & set boundaries
  6. How to live life congruent with your values
  7. Recognize abundance vs. scarcity thinking
  8. How to manage conflict at home & work
  9. Tap into your inner guidance & intuition
  10. Bring it all together and live your vision

In addition to our one-on-one day together; included is a 90 minute follow-up session to help keep you on track.