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Live Your Vision Now – Workshop


Product Description

We all want to live our best life – our ideal life – the life of our dreams. We tend to only talk about it though – and days turn into weeks, weeks into months, then years – and we end up with regrets and what if’s. I call it the: coulda shoulda woulda’s. You have the opportunity right now to transform your life. No matter where you are, your age or predicament – you can change your life, and live the life you were intended to. You deserve this. Don’t you think it’s time?

You see, no one teaches us this stuff growing up – we wish, hope, pray and dream about what we would do if we had the money. YOU are a powerful manifestor already. You are! Your birthright is a life of rich and true abundance. In this workshop you will learn about all the ways to do so. We will work on getting a clear picture of your life through a variety of exercises. You will learn about how to use affirmations; how and why they actually work. We will use visualization techniques and then create a vision board of your life. You will leave with a plan and concrete tools to begin living your dreams right away.

(you will need to bring some supplies with you to class)

Class time: 9:30 – 4:00


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