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Learn to Cope with Stress & Anxiety with Meditation


Product Description

Come and learn amazing techniques to transform your stress and anxiety and experience peace and calm now!

Stress is not going away…the only thing that can change is how we manage it. The common theme in my wellness practice is stress. The stress of work, impending layoffs, the commute, children, relationships, grief, trying to eat well, finding time for self care and the list goes on.

Our schedules are simply too busy. Daily we are inundated with negative news stories and witness environmental disasters and world issues. We are keenly aware of the increase in heart disease and strokes and how chronic stress can increase our chances of this occurring. So what happens to us when we are exposed to all these stresses?

Stress hormones are released into the body that interfere with sleep, age our cells and damage parts of the brain that are critical to memory. Our response to stress can place our bodies in a fight or flight state – which is the impulse to run or flee even when we don’t have to. We experience the rush of adrenalin which becomes a regular response to our daily lives, which over time wears down the immune system.

Notice if you are clenching your jaw or your hands, if your shoulders or neck are tight, and take notice of your breathing; is it shallow and short, or long and deep? Is the breath in your upper chest area or your lower abdomen? YOU can change all of this now!


Recently talked with Bill Welychka on CKWS-TV’s Morning Show sharing energy tips on how to relieve headaches, restless legs and when you cannot think clearly…they really work!

Click here to view some examples in this short video segment!