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Angel Therapy

Learn Angel Therapy Techniques & How to Give Angel Readings


Product Description

Cheryl is a Certified AngelTherapy® Practitioner; certified in 2006 in spiritual counseling and healing techniques. These techniques involve calling on your Angels, as well as the Archangels, Ascended Masters and other spiritual beings.

The Angels Workshop introduces you to connecting, working and healing with the angels. Learn about the angelic realm, how the angels are here to help you and how to call upon them. This workshop will deepen your love and understanding of the angels.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to recognize when and how you receive messages.
  • Know how to differentiate divine guidance from false guidance.
  • Experience angel oracle cards.
  • Learn about archangels, guardian angels and spirit guides.
  • Learn about the Earth realms – are you an earth angel?
  • Meet your guardian angels through a guided meditation.
  • Clear and balance your chakras.
  • Learn how to understand your intuitive gifts.
  • Learn how to protect and clear yourself (and others) with a variety AngelTherapy® techniques.
  • Learn how to give accurate angel card readings for yourself and others.

This workshop will enable you to guide others; to obtain the answers to questions about health, relationships, money and career. These answers help with life’s purpose and direction.

(Please bring your own cards with you – there will also be a large selection to work with in the classroom.)