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Energetic & Spiritual Hygiene for Empaths Workshop


Product Description

* Do you feel overly sensitive? (have you been told you are?)

* Do you often feel anxious and overwhelmed?

* Do you experience feelings of depression or have panic attacks?

* Is it hard to be around other people for too long?

* Do you feel like you ‘take on’ the moods, pain and energies of others?

In the energy healing workshops and sessions I have offered in the past 25 years I have witnessed an increase in our sensitivities (with myself, clients and students) – and noticed it is harder and harder to navigate the energies on our planet. I have ‘had’ to learn to be a successful empath (sometimes the hard way) and now I need to share it with all of you.

Let it be your superpower!

Come to this workshop and learn:

* How to navigate your daily life with self-care; feeling safe and energetically protected.

* You will learn how to live in this world and survive…and not be taken down.

*You will learn how to be in it and not of it. In other words, be aware of your gifts and use them safely.

*You will learn proven techniques for you, your home, your workspace and your loved ones.

This workshop is two days to learn slowly and safely; to begin to shift your energy and on day 2 you learn more – and also share your experiences and come back with questions!

Growth and awareness take time.

You will meet like-minded people in a safe and loving environment.

2-day workshop

Time: 9:30-4:00

Workshop fee: $299.00 +hst