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4 Week Womb Wisdom Jade Egg Workshop Series


Product Description

We will explore a Jade Egg practice together – in sacredness, with all you need to begin a practice on your own.

Why Begin a Jade Egg Practice?

You will tap into the wisdom of your feminine chakras…explore and expand your intuition, your power and your sensuality – your divine feminine essence.

You will sit in a circle of sisterhood and feel the love of others as you support one another in your growth and expansion…feel the trust and respect of women just like you.

Be reminded of who you are at your core…let others support you when you forget.

Embrace and develop all of this within yourself and then let it inform your daily life from now on.

Celebrate being a sensual awakened woman!

Genuine Neprhite Jade Eggs are also available for purchase in my store

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