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2-Day Journey to Authenticity Workshop


Product Description

Have you thought about who you are when you’re at your best? Are you living the life you intended? Do you feel in alignment with your true self?

Our world as we have known it is uncertain right now. As we navigate these turbulent times, we are reflecting and asking ourselves a lot of deep questions. We are heading into a ‘new normal’ in our lives as we shift into a different way of living. How do we do this? We dig more deeply into who we are and what we TRULY want.

You will gain clarity, develop new healthy practices and move forward with confidence; ready for the changes in our world.

I created this 2-day online retreat- Journey to Authenticity – to help people answer these questions among others. So many of us are not at our best. We’re merely surviving and getting through the week. We can change that, together! To be authentic takes time, as there’s a science to it. We access the emotional side of the brain with this work and make long-term behavioral changes – over time, with ease. With each topic there is conversation, feedback and support.

Join me for this powerful 2-day workshop where you will learn about yourself and how to access that part of you that creates long term shifts. You’ll be guided through several topics and have tangible experiences with each one that will support you on your journey to living authentically. You’ll experience deep conversations that allow for tangible shifting of thoughts, patterns and old paradigms. Learn to live from the place that you know exists. This program provides you with personal clarity and ongoing inner guidance as you learn to live each day more choicefully.

Class Time: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
Cost: $397.00 +hst

“Wow Cheryl, that was an amazingly thought provoking weekend! My head is swimming with new ideas, new approaches, new possibilities… To have this opportunity to look deeply into my own personal values, and to develop the tools to live each day congruent with these values, is a gift. Thank you very, very much for helping me discover how to do this. The ‘conversations’ that you chose for us, Authenticity, Inner Critic, Balance, and Difficult Conversations, were not easy to have, but you did a great job of taking us through the process. Thank you so much for your loving support. Now that I know what I have learned, I can’t imagine living life any other way.” L.A.